AlaskasWorld is a secure online employee portal for employees who are working at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. OnyourHorizon and Alaska airlines both are working under the management of Alaska Air Group. These airlines have a large number of employees and different kinds of flight routes. Managing of a wide range of flight routes and staff is not an easy task. To make easier this, it has created an employment portal.

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This online portal allows to communicate with the staff members within the company and offering media to communicate with the employees. It has various kinds of features such as Alaskasworld PET which stands for Paperless Employee Travel. This feature will be accessible by only Air Alaska and Horizon Air staff members. 

Using this PET Login portal, they can find out some information about their job details. For instance, it will be allowed to access their benefits, perform job responsibilities, and search another job. The information provided on this portal is the privacy issue and this portal is designed for authorised users only. For example, if you're working in Alaska Airline or Horizon Air, you can able to log into portal by using a web user id and password to sign in. You can make use of all of the employee features by accessing the online portal. 

Furthermore, it allows to manage the profile as well as handle your account. If you've worked in Air Alaska, you can easily get to know all available employee features. If you're newly hired for Air Alaska, it's very hard to access Alaskas World Employment website. If you don't know how to log into the account, you can find the updated information for PET Login and how to manage your account.

Login Instructions for Accessing

Before accessing website, you should have web user id and password. Every staff of Air Alaska and Air Horizon will have unique web user id. If you don't have this web user id, you can ask to your HR officer. Then, you will need PET password also. Your HR officer may ask to new staff for setting up PET paperless employee travel portal. Whenever Login details are ready, you will be allowed to access the portal successfully. The process of login is very simple to do. You will only need to complete below steps for logging into account.
  • Visit official online portal of AlaskasWorld.
    Primarily, you're required to visit official website to access employment portal. 
  • Choose PET.
    Once you've landed on the website, you will see a simple web page with the picture of airplane in the background. Here, you will find four options. Firstly, you can find out PET account. Second, you can explore the site. You can look up for the jobs in Alaska. The last option is M&E vendor site. As you want to access Alaska Paperless Employee Travel website, you can click on PET option. 
  • Select the airline that you want to travel for.
    After clicking on PET, your website will open a new web page which contains the login form. This Paperless Employee Travel portal is designed for two websites like and Before logging into the account, you should state that on which airline you're working for. Here, you need to make a note that the login procedures are different for Alaska's employee and Horizon employee. Then, you can continue to the next step. 
  • Enter Arctic number or employee id.
    If you're considering as a staff of Alaska Airlines, you can log into the account by entering Arctic number. This number is available on the back of Alaska's id card. This number constitutes of five digits along with some zeros in front of the number. If you're working in Horizon Air, you can use your employee id for logging into the account that you can find out on your Horizon ID card. 
  • Provide your PET password.
    In the next step, input your Alaska or Horizon PET password on respective field. If you don't have this password, you can create it by clicking on the link which says create a new password. Besides all these, it has provided a facility to reset your password if you forget your password. Furthermore, it allows to change your password for accessing Employee PET Login.
  • Check the box which entitled as Remember my user id in this computer.
    For example, if you're using a personal computer or your own mobile device to access Alaskas World, you can save your user id. By clicking on checkbox remember my user id, you do not need to enter Alaska's login id and password everytime when you're accessing the login portal. But, still you're required to enter password. You should make a note that do not use this step if you're using public computer. Because, other unauthorised people may use your account for commercial purposes.
  • Press login button.
    Once you've confirmed that the entered login details are correct, you can click on login button. Now, you can able to explore all PET features as a current employee of Alaska Air and Horizon Air. Through PET Alaska Airlines Employee Travel portal, you begin to manage your account. For instance, you can able to edit your profile. Along with these, you can check out employee benefits as well. Additionally, you can handle your job offers and allows to communicate with other employees. 

How to Create Alaska and Horizon PET Password

PET Password is very essential to access Alaska Paperless Employees Travel portal. Without this, you can't able to access the account. If you're newly hired as an employee at Air Alaska or Air Horizon, you need to create a new password to help you log into PET account. You can follow below steps to create a new password for the first time user such as:
  • Go to
    To set up a new password, you need to visit Alaska's employment online portal. As similar as the login account, you can follow initial steps for setting up a new password. 
  • Click on PET.
    However, you don't have a password to log into Alaskas Employment PET portal. That means, you need to click on PET option to start creating a new password. You only need to complete few more steps to log into PET account.
  • Click on the link labeled as don't have a password?
    By clicking on this link, you can easily create a new password. It only allows the employees who are working at Air Alaska and Air Horizon only. If you're the travel eligible dependents, you can contact the Alaska's employee for the assistance
  • Sign into Account
    To create a new password, you must sign into Alaskas World website first. After that, enter your date of birth. It will verify this information against your employee number. 
  • Set up a password
    For your PET account, you can create a new password. You should make sure that you should memorize this password well. By re-entering the password, you can confirm that you've created a password for PET account. 

Once you've created it, you will be allowed to access PET Employee account. You can also share this password to your travel eligible dependents that means you allow them to access your account. If you lose or forgot your PET account password, you don't have to be panic. 

In that case, you can simply follow the steps as similar as login procedure to get back your password. First, you need to access the website from preferred web browser. After choosing PET option, you're required to click on the link which says that can't remember PET account password? Now, it will be taken to a new web page in which you need to enter login details such as Alaska's user name and password. The site may require you to enter Arctic number or employee id that totally relied on which airline you're working for. Now, you will be able to recover your password. Besides all these, AlaskasWorld will give you a chance to change your PET password. 

As an employee or user for Alaska's PET website, it's better to change the password regularly so that it will keep your password more secure. In order to change your password, you need to select the link change your PET password after entering into the website and choosing PET option. To verify your information, it will be prompted to log into Alaska's World. After that, you need to provide current and new password that you want to set up. If you find any issues when changing the password, you can make a call to AlaskasWorld Help Desk on 1-877-238-1077. 

What Information Can You Find at AlaskasWorld?

To access portal, you should consider your browser compatibility. Before that, you need to fulfill browser setting requirements. First, you need to enable JavaScript for your browser's settings to use this online portal. Additionally, your web browser must accept the cookies. It suggests you to use updated web browser versions like Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.0. When you accessing the website, you will notice four options such as:
  • PET
    You can find the first menu as PET which can be abbreviated as Paperless Employee Travel. It will be allowed the employees of Air Alaska and Air Horizon. The employee travel dependents can also access the portal if they have the employment authorization. By logging into Alaska PET, you can explore more features and menus. In order to explore more features, you will require Arctic number or employee id and password to reach your account on PET portal. 
    This section can be allowed to access by Alaska's employees and authorised vendors. To access this portal, you need to provide your web user id and password. You will need to access this website when you want to change or create a PET password. 
  • Jobs in Alaska
    With this available link for jobs in Alaska, you can able to explore Alaska Airlines Career Center. Using this site, you can get to know better career opportunities. Additionally, you can also find the availability of job vacancies at Alaska Airline.
  • M&E vendor site
    M&E vendor site is designed for vendors only. They can provide user name and password to access the account. 

Travel Programs Offered by PET

PET is providing two types of travel programs which included standard travel program and employee choice program.
  • Standard travel program
    Alaska Airlines is offering this program specifically for its employees and dependents. For example, the eligible candidates are children, parents, spouse, and domestic partner. By using this program, you can travel to anywhere in the world on Air Alaska or Horizon Air. It is providing you unlimited flight routes. 
  • Employee Choice program
    It is designed to extend the travel privilege. It allows to invite other people like friends or family members to join it. If you want to travel with disqualified dependents, you can join them into this program. Before that, you should when you will be eligible to enjoy this extension of privilege. If you're a new employee, you may not be eligible to enjoy this program immediately. You should wait until 30 days of service. If you plan to have a vacation to somewhere, you can make use of this program. You can travel with the people like spouse or domestic partner, parents, children, and guardian relationship. 
  • Spouse and Domestic partner
    If you're working at Alaska Airlines, you can make use of travelling with spouse or domestic partner at anytime and to anywhere. For accessing this benefit, you must register your spouse or domestic partner to enjoy this program. You should also submit domestic partner certificate to enjoy this employee choice program. 
  • Children
    Dependent children will also be allowed to Alaskas World PET portal. Dependent children means natural and adopted children. However, the children of your domestic partners also eligible to access this benefit as well. If you've step children, they are also eligible too. To get enjoy this travel privilege, your children age should be under 19 years old. If the children's age is between 19 to 23 years old, they should be students to enjoy the travel privilege program. If not, they will not be eligible to take this benefit. If you want to register your children, you must verify that your dependent is a full time student. Whenever your children will not be eligible to this program, you should inform to your travel department. 
  • Parents
    Using PET, you can invite your parents too. It included that birth parents, legal adaptive parents, and step parents too. But, you need to make a note that parent in law is not eligible for this program. If in case you have both birth parent and step parent, you can't go together with them using this travel benefit. 
  • Guardian relationship
    You can consider another eligible dependent as a guardian or a foster to avail this benefit program. But, you need to submit legal documents for explaining your relationship with him or her. Using this legal document, you can add your guardian as the eligible travel dependent. You must ensure that you should submit this document to travel department. As the requirement of travel privilege, you and your dependents need to submit some important identity proofs such as the government issued photo id like passport or driver license, employee id, dependent id, etc. They need to submit the proof of citizenship when travelling outside the United States country. 

Rules of PET Alaskas Travel Privileges

All programs offered by the company should have certain rules and regulations. Similarly, Alaskas PET Travel privileges program providing rules and you should obey them to proceed further. As you're travelling under privileges program, you and your dependents will be called as non-revenue passengers. This kind of passengers should pay attention to these rules. 
  • The way to travel
    You can easily travel for free if there is an availability of space. So, you need to wait for your desired flight. In order to enjoy this PET privilege program, there will be a waiting list. You're not able to book the reservation. If Alaska airlines has an availability of seat, you can board. However, the boarding order totally depending on priority and seniority. 
  • List of flight
    To know the updated information about a list of flights, you can visit AlaskasWorld PET. It displays the waiting list for Alaskas Airlines and Horizon Air. To get to see a list of flights, you need to click on travel tab on the website of PET. Using this website portal, you will not only get access to a list of flights but also quick access to Alaska's flight information. Accordingly, you can view the flight information including flight number, aircraft number, flight times, etc. For that, you're required to access Login portal. Additionally, you can able to check out the availability of flight that you prefer to travel. If in the case of you can't able to access website, you can list or register through phone. If you call the travel agent, you must identify whether you are the employee or the dependent. Before calling Alaskas reservation agent, you should make sure that you're providing travel details. 
  • Dress code
    Alaskas Airlines is applying some rules for dress code of the nonrevenue passengers. When you're flying with Alaska Airlines, you have wear appropriate dress code. Because, your appearance reflects your professionalism. It accepts the office casual clothing and clean jeans. But, you can not travel by wearing t-shirt, cut-off jeans, shorts, and sweatshirt. If you don't obey the dress code, customer service may deny your boarding. 

Regulations of AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Portal

If you're one of the non revenue passenger, you should understand complete details about travel regulations of PET travel program. For instance, the retired employees and their family will not be allowed to access the benefits of this travel privilege program. The non-revenue passengers deserve to use this program on behalf of Alaska Airlines. You can find some rules below regarding PET Alaskas World.
  • Employees can able to travel along with their dependents on private business flight. There is a facility of an offline travel privilege to go to the employment place from the residence place. 
  • Alaskas' employees will not be allowed to list the travel on the same routing and the day that they hold. That means, they can not travel from same departure and destination locations but they can travel from co-terminals. 
  • Employees who misuse this travel program will go under disciplinary action. This disciplinary action is for the employees who fail to report and misuse the privilege. 
  • The employees of Alaska Airlines should not speak about this travel privilege to other non-airlines personnel. If you and your family members should not comply with this rule, they may suspend from accessing this travel program. 

AlaskasWorld PET allows several types of travel which has been designed for employees of Alaskas Airlines only. You can apply for this kinds of travel if you're an employee at Alaska Airlines. You can find the types of travel included honeymoon travel, emergency travel, and business travel. If you need more assistance and want to more information about it, you can contact the Media Relations and Help Desk.